Your Press Pass

Periscope is a live video streaming app for IOS and Android that launched in March of 2015.  Many campuses are utilizing Periscopes features and broadcasting campus tours.



Cara Rousseau, manager of digital and social media strategy at Duke believes that live streaming technologies like Periscope and Meerkat will be part of the college communications and marketing tool kit.


Various college digital strategy administrators anticipate that along with campus tours, commencement and behind the scenes footage before sporting events will be the subject matter that will thrive on these platforms. There are still many privacy sensitivities and many campuses continually investigating what the long term strategy is for these new applications. I am predicting that Periscope is going to be the next big video/social media platform for one reason, location. The famous saying in real estate, “it’s all about location, location, location” is a saying that transcends the real estate market.

Periscope map interface

Meerkat hit the market just weeks before Periscope. The problem with Meerkat is that is doesn’t take into account the importance of communicating location in an engaging way. This comes from a school of thought that many programmers believe that textual information is enough, when in actuality it always depends on the vision of the product and what the intended experience is. I worked on a venture in 2013 called ‘Chimepin’, the idea was precisely what Periscope is but with some subtle differences. My partner and I hit the wall so many times because experienced entrepreneurs were always challenging us with the question, “why the map?” The map is in my belief exactly what makes the product unique and provides the ‘3rd’ dimension to the social media experience; time, content and space. That is precisely why Periscope is currently more popular than Meerkat. Almost all of us have a high quality communication tool ready to fire from the hip, literally. For the first time in history, we are able to broadcast in real-time, textual and AV content in a convenient fashion. We can now be 100% real-time reporters of our own story to our own followers and Periscope’s map interface will solidify a people’s news community. Ask yourself, how many times do you see a map when watching the news on traditional media? Whether it is reporting from the Middle East or political polling reports from a nation. Stories don’t happen in a box, our world is our stage, it is our reference point for news and Periscope has just given every person with a smart phone a press pass. I would argue that Periscope is more real-time than Twitter, the only issue is that a consumer doesn’t have a sense of what is trending, there is sort of an even playing field in regards to broadcast that Periscope hasn’t addressed that is still being remedied by social and traditional media. If global pins would change in size, reflecting the amount of viewership then this would allow consumers to visually filter through trending stories. As for campus tours from across the globe, what a fantastic feat, and institutions of higher learning can now audio visually appeal (in real-time) to potential candidates. I anticipate a candid learning culture to form on Periscope for more generally based questions, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Periscope will be used for more in depth instruction as well. There are many inferences I could make about whether or not Periscope will increase the admission rates of international students, I can attest that if colleges are increasingly more accessible via the web than it is fair to assume that as the economy is globalized than so will education culture. What do you think? Do you think apps like Periscope will change the way we consume news and the way we disseminate news? How can education leverage the use of Periscope?


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